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One of the ways I use Evernote is to keep track of when transaction have posted to my accounts. I scan all my receipts into Evernote. When a transaction posts, I mark corresponding receipt done with a tag. I use a saved search for the absence of this tag to find unposted transactions. The older version of Evernote for iOS would immediately update the search results when I would add the "done" tag. Now, the search results are never updated, unless I re-do the search. This makes it hard for me to keep track of the transactions. I wish you would go back to the old functionality. 

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I used several saved searches. When I update a note that should not be in the search results, it used to be removed from the results. Not it continues to stay there, even if you go out and come back into the saved search. 

This seems to happen on all platforms. 

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