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Evernote for Android retains and applies old tags in every note

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The new version of Evernote on my Android phone retains tags applied to previous notes and applies them automatically to every subsequent note. It is necessary to open the new note and delete each inapplicable old tag every time a new note is created. This is time-consuming and extremely annoying! Please tell me how to make it stop!

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Sharing the same frustration.

I wss thinking that there was some obscure option/setting regarding the  tagging process when clipping new notes in Android.

I can understand the need for prepopulation of tags if one is doing a lot of repetitive capture, however, if there were settings/options regarding  tags applied to new notes I would expect the new notes to default with an empty tag list.

Removing or editing  the prepopulated tags whilst capturing/clipping a new note using Android (share to Evernote) requires one to search for each tag automatically applied, then unselect the unwanted tags one by one. This is made more impractical when creating a new note via clipping or sharing to EN as the retained tags are not visible in a consolidated list.  To amend, one has to either wait for the new note capture to complete, open the note and then remove unnecessary tags or remember which tags were last applied, search for each individual tag and then  unselect from the tag list. Even having the retained/previous notes tags grouped at the top of the tag selection list would make removal of tags not relevant/applicable to the new note being created much simpler, although would still be more tedious and inefficient than  new note capture defaulting to a blank slate when it comes to tags.

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I spend much more time saving items in Evernote than I do searching and recalling saved notes. So saving new notes has to be quick and slick.

However the new note tagging system is painful, to the point of being a deal breaker! I hope I'm just missing something? If so pray tell. 

When saving an item from android, The fact new notes are prepopulated with same tags used the previous time, I think is subjective and personally I do see the benefit. 

However, where this falls over for me is the method to remove the prepopulated tags if they don't apply this time around. You have to search for each one individually then select remove. Terrible! 

Why not have crosses next to selected tags for quick removal OR show the selected tags at the top of the list so it's EASY to deselect them individually. 

If this isn't an easy fix then please admit defeat on the prepopulating feature entirely.

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Back to verson 8.13.2 until this android clipping is fixed. As above, in latest version, stale tags persist, clipping doesn't complete in the background and only finishes when returning to evernote; next time I clip the previous clip has saved but a new window is hanging there to be cancelled. Hard work. Looking at Onenote and Joplin though....

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