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Legacy Version No Longer a Solution

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Since v10 came out I have thought that the return of the Import folder was my major roadblock to upgrading. Meanwhile, like many others, I was happy using the Legacy app. 

That is no longer true. I don't use the mobile app as much as some people, but when I need it, it is to enter or retrieve information on the fly, quickly. Keyword being quickly.


Not only does it take 30 seconds to open, sometimes pages are displayed and other it comes up blank. It never remembers my view and always comes up to All Notes, so I have to hit the little burger menu partially obscured by the New Note button, to bring up notebooks. The search is too slow to use. And again, I may see data, I may not. 

So, now using the Legacy version no longer solves the problem they have created. I'll give them a few more weeks and then, sadly, I have to go. Standing at a window while someone waits for information while I stare at a green elephant is not acceptable. I used to be to access any file on mobile with a few seconds of touching the icon. 

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32 minutes ago, dbvirago said:

Legacy Version No Longer a Solution

The Evernote Legacy product is working well for me

I'm testing the Version 10 product; it's a work-in-progress and imho not ready for general use    
I'm waiting for some must-have features before I'll consider switching

>>I don't use the mobile app as much as some people

Likewise; a Mac is my primary device    
I use an iPad for mobile access but it's not as functional

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I don't think you understood the post. The Android version is not a deal-breaker. I need both. The old Android version was the best of its kind, hands-down. Opened immediately and lightning fast searches. Now it takes minutes to find something if you can at all. The legacy app on Windows doesn't help with that. One without the other is nothing at all.


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1 hour ago, dbvirago said:

I need both

The instructions for loading non-Play Store apps and for deactivating updates for single apps are available online. 

If only there were somewhere to find the necessary APKs to install...


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I'm reading about other Android users with the same version and number of notes with no problems. So I'm investigating trying to figure out the difference. I just got two posts on Reddit, one from an iOS user with no problems and another with horrible experience. 


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EN iOS 10.4 is quite usable, many bugs got squeezed. It is still slow on older devices, and I doubt this will change.

Those who still have a negative experience probably have a bad install. If you update on top of it, it will stay bad, for example because there are still corrupted notes from v10.0 ‚til 10.2. I had some as well and am glad I exterminated them entirely. To fix it you need to uninstall, dump all data when asked, switch the i-device completely off, on again, reinstall, log in and wait until the initial sync is through.

Some avoid this for fear of loosing data - but corrupted notes are already virtual zombies, not retrievable. So better let them bite the silver bullet !

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1 hour ago, PinkElephant said:

EN iOS 10.4 is quite usable, many bugs got squeezed. It is still slow on older devices, and I doubt this will change.

Unfortunately EN iOS 10.4 is even slow on newer devices which are not high end (in my case: ipad 2019, 32 gb and enough free memory, at least before v10...😞

Loading slow, memory consumption high, changing apps while editing longer notes for copy and paste nearly impossible. EN loses focus most of the time, sometimes even giving memory fully free, so loading, opening, finding focus starts new...

Spoken for fluently note editing - in my case - this makes EN nearly not usable. That's why I tend to do textwork and editing in other apps (with better markdown support anyway) while working with iOS... which would rise the question why using EN any further if I'd had to work with iOS most time, but this is not the case 🙃

For heavens sake I still can use

  1. v10 web-interface for editing,
  2. legacy on Windows for organizing and
  3. android (legacy) while not at home and using mobile for fast reseach

Surely I would like to have a better and synchronized, performant cross-plattform approach, but so far EN 10 messed it all up... 😢😭
(but I still hope EN get's things fixed soon ...)

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Use apkmirrior.com for Android legacy versions dating back all the way to 2014. I'm currently using the update on Android from June of 2020 just before they switched to the horrible version 10 that made my Evernote slow and buggy. I believe it's safe to say that this is the beginning of the end of Evernote. A sign where power users are resorting to legacy versions....

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2 hours ago, Matthew85 said:

I believe it's safe to say that this is the beginning of the end of Evernote.

It's safe to say it's the "beginning of the end" for the Evernote Legacy product

Evernote still continues with the Version 10 product on various platforms
The mobile (IOS) and web platforms are functional for me, in some ways an improvement   
The desktop (Mac) platform is still missing critical features   
The Linux platform is promised, but still outstanding

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Legacy continues to do for which it was build.

It can run in parallel with v10.

So from my perspective no change basically, only a shift in usage away from legacy to v10.

This is what I observe in my own usage of EN over the last months. I have no problem this is happening, for me what counts are the results.

V10 IMHO still has some relevant deficiencies, so I am not prepared to work without legacy. We will have to see whether this changes. If it changes depends on what these deficits are for the individual use case. I don’t use Apple script, for example, but I know it is an important feature for others.

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