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Can Evernote sync Apple Contacts?

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I have been a long time Evernote and Mac user.  I used to be able to take a photo of a business card in Evernote and have it sync through iCloud into Apple Contacts.  It does not appear to be working anymore and I cannot find in Evernote where I would configure it.  Is this capability no longer supported?

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Not supported any longer in EN iOS v10.

It supports scanning business cards, and extracts a few fields like name, phone and e-mail into the note to which the scan is embedded. But it won’t export any more. To scan you use the build in scanner, select scan document, and it will in most cases detect it is a business card scan. If not, you can scan, select the picture and then choose business card as scan type.

Maybe the Export feature will return with a future release.

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I tried Scannable.  

The good part is that it is free and scans some business cards.  It can sync with Contacts on my iPhone

The downside is that it is very slow, it does a much worse job of recognizing business cards than the prior version of Evernote that supported this feature, and get the sync to work in rather non-intuitive.  I guess it is better than nothing, but it is a downgrade

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