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Can the scratch pad created in the web app be synced to the ios app?

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Hahaha! What the F function they did but not improving the function Lost & Needed by old users.  QC or new designs are half only, even the devices number can use for an account. Only the price remains unchanged.  

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Blabla - just empty talk.

Home was introduced with the release of 10.6.9 to all clients with this version number.

The EN iOS 10.4 client was released slightly before that. It is new to v10 that they get synced updates of all desktop versions, and with similar features. We will see when the mobiles will be lifted to that level. The clients get closer in features, but (the underlying OS does not allow for everything) they will probably never be identical in features.

You get a fully working web client now - still for the same price ...

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