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Improve quality as #1 priority

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This is a rant, but you're going to loose customers.

I've been using and paying for Evernote for over a decade. I have about 2000 notes. Leaving would be a monumental effort, but I'm so close.

Quality has absolutely dived, since about when the electron client was introduced.

* Evernote web sessions often just spin forever rather than loading. I need this because there's still no Linux client, despite electron making that super easy (look at Spotify and VS Code)

* My cursor randomly jumps to the very start of the note, sometimes several times a minute. Likewise when scrolling around or typing, sometimes the scroll offset just jumps.

* Duplicate notes appear from nowhere. Usually I just get the little banner saying "we've found a duplicate ...". Today I say it right in front of me - editing a note with the note list sidebar open, another copy of my note just appeared! 5s later I'm told there's a duplicate.

* There's not even anywhere I can do to see a list of the duplicates so I can take care of them.


I was super excited about the new Rust backend putting multiple-device conflicts to bed finally. Idk what's happened server and client side, but you've had thousands of dollars from me yet I'll be leaving asap if you don't address quality urgently.

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