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Unable to print table text when using PDF printer in dark mode

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I am unable to print a table as a PDF while in dark mode:

  • Client using dark mode
  • Create a table with default color of text.  Table looks fine in the note editor.  (see Editor.jpg)
  • Print it as a PDF using either Microsoft or Adobe PDF print driver
  • The text inside the table is blank. Only the table outline appears. Text for the title and any text outside the table appear as expected.
    (see either Dark mode screenshot.jpg  or Test note - dark mode (Adobe).pdf)

If, after creating the table and before printing, I switch to light mode:

  • The note prints as expected with all text, inside and outside the table, shown.
    (See either Light mode screenshot.jpg or Test note - light mode (Adobe).pdf)

Note that the color of the text differs when printing in light mode and dark mode. It's a gray with dark mode and black with light mode. Seems like they should produce identical color text.

PS. What is this message about 'image fairies'? I don't understand it: wait a few seconds? wait a few years? Saw it today for the first time.
(See Warning message.jpg


Waring message.jpg

Test note - dark mode (Adobe).pdf Test note - light mode (Adobe).pdf

Dark mode screenshot.jpg

Light mode screenshot.jpg

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I experience the same problem. It prevents me from using Evernote the way I need for full productivity. Is there a solution or workaround, please?

Thank you

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Having to switch to light mode in order to print a note is a a ridiculous workaround and I hope Evernote will recognize that at some point in the near future. This problem is not limited to printing tables or printing to pdf.

Also, it prints the text input cursor along with the text !...

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