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Bullet list ignores Shift+Enter. Can not enter a new no-bullet line.

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In legacy client, I could create a bullet list and every press of Enter created a new bullet. If I used Shift+Enter, I would start a new line in the list without a bullet.

I am unable to do this with the current client. The note editor does not give special treatment to Shift+Enter. It treats it the same as Enter and gives me a new bullet.

Other testing:

  • I plugged in a different keyboard and the problem still occurs.
  • Started up my legacy client and I am able to use Shift+Enter as expected.

I do notice that under the v10 client when cursor is positioned at an empty bullet line and I press Shift+Enter it looks like the editor does a space and then a return. For an instant, I see the cursor bump to the right and then jump down to the new bullet. In the legacy client, the cursor doesn't do that bump to the right; cursor just drops down a line.

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