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Add Note to Home Screen

Barry Graham


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On 1/27/2021 at 11:02 AM, taseck1 said:

yes, please!  I had 8 of them, plus the widget that showed my last 4 notes.

yes!! I loved that larger widget that showed the most recent notes. I need it back!!!

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Now I see that for real.

I can't believe this option was removed in the new version.

That was my favorite.

I hope they saw the mistake and will return the option

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I use this option very often to go into the notepad I want, otherwise I need to tap 4 times on the screen instead of one 

I really hope that they will return it 

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I have a 'Daily to-do list' note that I shortcut to from my Android home screen 3-10 times a day, now I need to press about 3 times to find it and wait 10 seconds for loading... Just to jot down a very quick reminder 

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I strongly agree. We need critical notes /notebooks to be reached at one-click, not by serching.

A quick compromised solution until restoring the feature would be to include in the new widget a direct link to shorcuts

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A very inadequate workaround for those whose Evernote shortcuts have suddenly stopped working :

Copy the note's internal link

Paste into your web browser 

Use the browser to create a home screen shortcut

If the Evernote app is set to open Evernote links by default, it's maybe 1/4 as convenient as home screen shortcuts used to be. 

As I say, inadequate! 

Dan Hotchkiss



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The workaround using the internal link is inconsistent on my android  phone.   It sometimes opens the android app, but it sometimes opens the note in the browser. 

I'm not sure why the Evernote developers are removing features that increase productivity.   I won't be renewing my paid subscription until this feature gets restored. 


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