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Organise tags using Drag and Drop

Pontus Berg


This surely must be an issue for now only me.

I use a system of tags as the basis for my Evernote work. I use the methodology deriving from the ideas in "the secret weapon" (https://thesecretweapon.org/), giving all notes with actions a @who, @when, @where and so on. 

Organising them is key to how I use Evernote, and given that I most of the time just create them and organise them in the hierarchy in a later stage, it's hence also key that I can manage them with ease. This used to be easy. Recently when cleaning up I realised I didn't find a way to do it either in the PC or webclient.

I have finally realised that I *can* drag and drop them to structure if I press the "root tag" in the left menu, and then move the tags in the new search panel that opens,

=> What's the issue with not allowing drag and drop directly in the left panel? That is where it makes sense for me to do it! 

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44 minutes ago, Pontus Berg said:

Organising them is key to how I use Evernote

I also use a prefix naming standard for organizing tags   
The first character indicates a class of tags; ?Who, -What, @Where, .When, #Project/Tasks    
Hierarchy is reflected in the name; for example -Budget, -Budget-Computer, -Budget-ComputerHardware

>>if I press the "root tag" in the left menu

Confirmed -  clicking the Tags icon opens the Tags Page   (Mac Legacy)
I can also click View > Tags (Mac Legacy)if I press the "root tag" in the left menu

>>What's the issue with not allowing drag and drop directly in the left panel? That is where it makes sense for me to do it! 

This is not an issue for me   
I use the sidebar as a navigation tool

I moved your post to the Requests forum.    
Users can indicate support using the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion

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