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Cannot Delete a note

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Greetings from Italy.

I have synchronization problems and before opening a ticket I'd like to ask if you have any suggestions.
Premium user, Evernote 10, Windows 10.
Yesterday I was editing some Power Point files attached in a note, and I found my note (25 MB) duplicated 25 times due to synchronization problems.

The original note remains and I have not lost any data, but the additional notes cannot be deleted. They are present (both on the PC in Evernote desktop and on the web) in the list of notes but not visible in detail (I cannot select the note, I cannot delete it, move it, merge it with other notes, etc), as if it were a ghost note.

Tips? Thanks.

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This is the „set up as new“ approach. Maybe you want to try a support ticket first (reaction time was less than 24hrs on my last tickets).

Or do this: Check on the web client first how your server data base is looking. Everything there ? Just the duplicates not ? Good, this is your master copy.

Now try to uninstall the app, restart the computer and reinstall. Make sure you have good internet, because it will need to sync all content again.

If you really want to clean things up, use Revo Uninstaller, or a similar app.

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