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Is Scannable obsolete?

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Few - and these can better be done by independent apps, that offer additional features. 

In Scannable you can manually set a picture straight that was taken from an angle, can choose between jpg and pdf and you can save directly into the camera roll.

Personally I use ScannerPro by readdle, that does all this, and much more. It has workflows that send a scan directly into a preselected EN notebook, ready with a set of tags. With 10 workflows I can handle >80% of my scans in an automated process. A real time saver.

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I’ve been using the scanner from readdle as well, but the scannable app seems to do a better job of removing cresses and in general it seems like the text shows up easier to read. I hope they are planning to maintain it. It could be an illusion on my end but the note scanning function vs scannable for ios is like night and day. 

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