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Evernote forum now requires login to see forum posts in Google results



Not sure what prompted change for Evernote to hide the forum posts behind login wall in Google search results. Every public forum post on one of these boards and indexed in Google search and showing on Google search results takes me to page asks me to login into Evernote first before I can see the forum post.  That's a strange decision. I wonder if Google is going to suppress the results at some point of time making it harder to find answers to questions typed on Google search. Even posts like these are hidden beyond login wall..

I don't see the point. 



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Not searching with Google, in my case it is DuckDuckGo (for those not aware that there is other search than Google on the web: DDG is a search engine that is not tracking those who are using it. It is free, and whenever I tried both, I found search results close enough to a Google search  to rely on it instead. It makes no sense to complain about being tracked, but use the dominant trackers own site).

When I search „Evernote import folder“ as a try, the first hits I get are forum posts. So it is not hidden, and because anybody can register, there is no pay wall.

It is a measure AFAIK many forums take that they only allow registered users to actively participate.

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1 hour ago, itoldusoandso said:

hide the forum posts behind login wall

I think the pop-up you're seeing actually says that you can't like or comment on a post without a login.  Anyone can read them and copy content - which is why we spend a lot of time asking folks to remove email addresses and avoid specifics...

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