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Tired of Evernote and the online version...

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I'm tired of Evernote after switching to online.

I have daily trouble accessing all my notes, both via Windows 10 and on my Android Mobile device.

When I work, it is not everywhere I have internet connection, and therefore I can´t use all my notes, which I need to be able to perform my work, as well as help customers.

How do I get back to having an offline database in Windows 10?

And in the Evernote application in Android, "Available Offline" is dimmed so I can not activate this point.

Looking for a very detailed guide to create Evernote "Offline" to all my 1432 notes both for windows 10 and Samsung S10 Pro.

Has been a Evernote user since 2010

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On mobile (at least on iOS, but it should be similar on Android, since it is the same version count 10.4) you can decide to download some or all notebooks to offline use. In iOS it is in the app settings, notebooks, offline notebooks.

Before 10.4 it had still some bugs, but since 10.4 it works for me. I have downloaded all notebooks, and it does update the offline content with new notes added to the notebooks within a few minutes.

Not sure about Windows, but I think there is a switch in settings to keep local data on logout. We had posts in the forum talking about a few days until all content had been downloaded. Often the notes were loaded first, but the attachments were loaded only later. It says you need to be online to log in, and not to log out before going offline. Have not tried yet what this means in practical terms, for example when traveling.

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Thanks for the help. I have made it work on my mobile phone, but NOT in Windows.

Seemed that Evernote Team should see to it changed so it is still possible to run offline from a Laptop, as there is not always a guarantee of being Online.
At the same time, Evernote needs to get a better preform, can take a very long time before my notes appear on the screen.

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Personally I think it was a really bad decision to force this online - offline behavior.

When traveling you never know when you will be on or off, further most notebooks will not make it through a full day just on battery. The new EN is quite energy hungry, this is not the app you keep running for a long time when away from a refill.

IMHO currently only the mobile apps with offline content downloaded allow for real offline use. But they arebtestricted by other limits, like not selection of multiple notes.

The v10 desktop apps IMHO are not working if you are living a road warriors life. In this case I would stick with the legacy app, which keeps a full local data base on your PC or Mac, plus all the functions you need away from office.

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