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What's the most recent and reliable way to Import from Onenote?

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I've been working on this for days with limited luck.  As a heavy user of Onenote, I'd really like to find the most accurate way to this so I don't have to reinvent the wheel in Evernote.

Here's what I've tried:
Evernote Legacy app import:  This works, but tags are everywhere and does not resemble the Page / Sub page that I've created in Onenote.
https://sspeiser.github.io/onenote-export/  In my first test, I can't get anything to work.  My Onenote is big, so this utility stops working at 265MB, then hangs.
https://janikvonrotz.ch/2020/07/01/01-bulk-export-onenote-notebooks-to-markdown-and-other-formats/ This looked promising, but did not work either. 

Is there anything that I'm not finding out there that will work?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. 

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Hi.  I commented somewhere else that the conversion from OneNote in the last public Evernote versions (and Legacy) is the most recent feature of which I'm aware.  OneNote may have changed since that was coded,  and Evernote certainly has - to the extent that I'm sure Evernote will wait until they have their own code 99.9% nailed down before even attempting to verify that conversions from other apps still work.

Given that Evernote doesn't 'do' sub-pages,  tag conversion will always be chancy  - my own view (with a 30GB database in Evernote) was that if I ever had to migrate away,  I'd keep my existing database where it is and simply copy notes / notebooks across to my new host only if and when I needed to work actively on them.  I'd have two places to search,  but moving a single topic is always going to be easier and quicker than moving everything.

Worst case would be to print old data to PDF and attach the files to my new notes.

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The problem with OneNote (and my reason for not using it) is that it has a different way of how to organize information.

Personally I doubt that moving from ON to EN will be possible without manually reworking the import. I would probably keep the import separate from my every day EN structure, and use the tools in legacy (like multi-note-selection) to group, re-tag and then move an bunch of notes every other day.

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I may end up taking the time to rebuild what I have.  While not ideal, Onenote is the last product on my list for conversion.  I'm switching everything to opensource solutions and Ubuntu Linux for my OS.  The reason why I was looking to import into Evernote, is because I plan on using Joplin, and they have an import for ENEX. 

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