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(Archived) Bug? Tag doesn't take until quit/relaunch



I created a parent child tag step that is 5 levels deep. The last two levels became New Tag (1) New Tag (2) on the note even though the were correctly named in the notebooks viewer. It synced to the web like that too. I quit and relaunched EN and it was New Tag (1) New Tag (2) in the notebook column. I changed again to the correct names and it took.

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The name of each tag must be unique across your entire hierarchy, so if you had "Cooking" in one place and tried to make "Cooking" somewhere else, it would append the (2) at the end.

My guess is that you may have created the tag but not finished typing the name before it synchronized to the service, so the temporary "New Tag" text was synchronized.

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That is correct, Dave. What is happening most of the time is that when I create a new tag, I am not able to type the name. Here are the varieties of behavior:

* lets me type one or several letters then it completes with an abbreviated name

* abbreviates at the point where it equals an existing name and completes with New Tag and an error dialog

* completes before I can type anything and completes with New Tag

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Following up.

I am having the intermittent experience (3 times in as many days) of attempting to name the tag, having the cursor "jump out" and the tag name becomes New Tag. I rename the tag. Then I attempt to create another tag, and have same buggy cursor behavior, only this time the name that gets created is New Tag(2), but I can't find a New Tag anywhere. If I go back and look at the tag that was originally created as New Tag but is now renamed to my preferred name, and drag it to a note, it appears on the note as (you guessed it) New Tag. If I then rename the note a second time, it "takes" as the preferred name, both in the tag name panel and in the note.

Sorry if that's not clear.

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That is correct. I set up all my tags in the left column and drag n drop to the note. In this way I can more easily manage my hierarchy, which is extensive.

Attached screenshot of tags associated with one notebook for a university class:


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[EDIT UPDATE: swapped pics]

Here it is in action today.

The first indication that I have that something is wrong is when I see the appearance of a tag named "New Tag(2)". (This is in itself part of the bug that I experience in which the cursor jumps out of the data entry field before I finish typing the name . It happens on multiple Macs).)


I then go back to what I may remember as the last tag I created, which in this case is "gen dave student email". Selecting it (which does not highlight in the left column) shows that it is incorrectly named "New Tag" in the filter path bar. (This is probably a result of having renamed the "New Tag" tag as "gen dave student email". I should also mention that any attachment of the tag to a note displays as "New Tag" (although I am not providing a screen shot to show that).


I then rename the "gen dave student email" tag again (I deleted one character and added it again, just to initiate a change action). Now it is correctly displayed throughout the system.


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Just to update this thread—yes, the new interface for creating new tags is great!

As a general observation. I am encouraged and enthused by the speed at which the developers address bugs. Thank you.

(We still need better parent/child tag management, such as options to to create children by the contextual menu of the parent, or an option to add the parent when adding the child.) :D

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