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IOS 14 Widgets



I am loving the new widgets in iOS 14 which make the most common productivity tasks even faster and I would love to see this support in Evernote. With Home Screen widgets, I can open Kindle to my last read book or immediately start a note or recording in Todoist and Otter.ai, respectively. The GMail widget would serve as a great model for Evernote, where I could search notes, create a new note, or view latest notes, all with a single click from the iOS Home Screen. Thanks for continuing to push out new features!



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An EN Widget was announced in the latest EN iOS release notes as „coming soon“ - whatever this means.

So probably we are in for a surprise, one day. I would really like to have a widget (sort of a mini home screen), and a „quick note“ menu item when I long press the EN apps icon. Currently there are no app specific menu items linked to the app.

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Agree with this thread.

I would love a widget to show a list of notes from a Saved Search.  i.e., so I could see everything tagged with "Radar" so I can have my "To Do Today" list right in front of me.

I like the "Quick Note" idea to - I do miss the "Long Press" to get to actions like "Note" or "Take a Photo."

I use "TagWidget" now - which is an "old school" widget on the Today View.  It works, but, a new iOS 14 Widget would be awesome.

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