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I am back to the legacy version. I canceled the public beta with V10. And it is spectecular, how much faster the old version is. Not only a feeling. You can do your things quick and productive. 

I can't believe, that this limitation EN solve in some weeks or month. 

It makes me sad. Also that the mood among users is so bad. Unfortunately, rightly so. 

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It's unfortunate indeed. They are simply repeating what so many others have attempted and failed since I first saw the "write-once-run-everywhere" fiasco with the 8088 and 6502 CPUs. It didn't work then and it likely won't work now. Using some intermediate scripting language is always going to slow things down. ANY scripting language is going to slow things down compared to writing in a lower level language with a compiler optimized for the target platform. Want speed? Use assembler. But there are very few programmers these days, everyone is writing scripts (we used to call them script-kiddies since they didn't know anything about programming) using Java and this stuff Evernote has adopted. I'm wondering what is going to happen to all those Windows 7 users. Some are unable to switch to Win 10 as there are critical applications that don't run there or the cost to replace the systems is too high. Are these folks going to be told to take a hike?

I've converted 99.999% of my notes to Joplin. After Evernote wiped out five years work with their latest Android update (they deleted over 3GB of my notes from my tablet but left the snippets) I decided they couldn't be trusted to keep my data safe so I keep a bare minimum in Evernote. From 3500 notes in Evernote I'm down to a dozen that I need to update frequently. One of my Premium accounts is now closed, the other will expire later this year and will not be renewed. If I can't trust them, I can't use them. And I can no longer trust Evernote.

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