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On 1/24/2021 at 12:07 PM, Mjuresic said:

If i am at the moment free user. If i go for a premium, will my history of notes start at that moment or i will see history in the past? If yes, how long in the past?

As far as I'm aware,  you'll have note history from the creation date of all of your notes - as long as they have not been moved from one notebook to another.  Moving notes around (I believe) zeroes the history.

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History runs for all accounts all of the time, but access is a Premium feature. 

It allows to reset a note, or to go back in time and create a twin with the older content.

I am not aware that moving it to another notebook erases note history. At least it did not do so when I tried. Even notes in the trash still have the history alive. The only issue is that when a note is completely deleted, history is gone as well.

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