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Shortcut to All Notes does not work

Tim Lawson


I have updated to the latest version and disappointed to find the shortcut to All Notes / Open Notes (Option + Command + 2) still does not work. This was a bug when v10 first came out and still needs to be fixed. All the other navigation shortcuts seem to work well but why this one being ignored?


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6 hours ago, brian_t_grant said:

This shortcut works just fine for me & I use it regularly. The other Cmd-Opt shortcuts work just fine for you but just not this one, @Tim Lawson?

Yes @brian_t_grant, all the other Cmd-Opt shortcuts work fine, including Cmd-Opt-1 to get back to the new Home screen. Cmd-Opt-2 gives me nothing which is a pain as I use the All Notes view often. Not sure what else I can do to make it work if you are saying it works for you?

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