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Cursor jumping to the beggining of the note.

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Hey guys! Since ~01/20/21 I've been facing problems (bugs) when editing notes in the Beta Editor (V 10.6.9-web | Win10). Often, while I'm typing, the editor's cursor "jumps" to the beginning of the note, causing the typed words to appear there instead. This forces me to stop everything and move the cursor back to the spot where I was originally typing. Anyone facing the same problem?
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11 hours ago, agsteele said:

Is this an Android issue? I see @Luiz Iorra refers to version 10.6.9 web and the other replies seem to reference the web browser version.

My bad, i've posted in the wrong place... This is a web plataform issue... in my case, in Win10 OS, but there are some people talking about the same problem in MAC. 

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I'm having this issue (cursor jumping to the top of the note during typing) on the web version 10.6.9-web, Windows 10 using Microsoft Edge. Does not happen to me using any other application or web form on this laptop.

I do have a rather long note and it appears to happen when the cursor is at the bottom of the window. As I am typing the cursor is suddenly at the top of the window and I have to remove all that I've typed from the top and replace my cursor where I want the text to be (I'm not always looking at what is being typed on my screen, rather I am looking down at a document I am transcribing, etc.). I try to scroll the window up so that my cursor is at the top or middle as I type but forget to keep doing that as I go.

Hope this can be fixed. Thank you.

p.s. as I returned to Evernote after typing this entry, I realized another horrible side effect. It appears that every time the cursor has jumped to the top it has created a duplicate note. The duplicated note ends where I was typing and has the mistaken typing at the top of it. I ended up with 4 of these duplicate notes now. Hope this can also be fixed. (see the attached screenshot)

p.p.s. as I continue to use Evernote for my research, I realize that the problem is happening when I have the cursor set to the middle of the page. I don't think the cursor at the bottom of the page is the problem. It seems to be happening as I am typing away, and then if I pause my typing. It does not happen right away. If it starts to happen then it happens very frequently until I click onto a different note and then return to the note I am editing. Then the problem does not happen for a while. Hope this helps.



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