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Excel links between worksheets

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I have two Excel files in different EN notes. One is dependent on the other. Outside of EN the first sheet's formulas get automatically updated upon opening the second one. Now, within EN, I get an error message within Excel saying that it cannot update the linked cells. Is this not supported within EN or am I setting things up incorrectly?

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15 minutes ago, mrkcvr said:

I have two Excel files in different EN notes. One is dependent on the other.

You don't want to embed these spreadsheets into the Evernote database
Store them externally and in Evernote reference the spreadsheets using a file link

>>Is this not supported within EN 

No.  The files have been removed from the file system and cell links are no longer valid

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10 minutes ago, mrkcvr said:

Do I simply make a shortcut or how do I make the link from, for example, my Documents file in Windows to the EN note?

I'm not a Windows user but  I think the url will be something like file://c:..        
Be aware - we currently have to use the Legacy product to create the link1809485781_ScreenShot2021-01-23at3_02_58PM.png.43520353791e8d4ab6863dd50f4c8a23.png

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I did a little playing around and I seem to have found a solution.

  1. Place the Excel file in a Windows folder
  2. In the same folder, make a shortcut of that file
  3. Insert the shortcut into the EN note
  4. Delete the shortcut in the Windows folder.
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10 hours ago, mrkcvr said:

I seem to have found a solution.

Whatever works...  Actually,  if you Shift+Right-click a file name (Windows) you should get an option "copy as path" which will put the complete link to that file on clipboard.  It'll be in quotes,  which you then have to delete;  but it's a lot fewer keystrokes!

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