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Evernote QUICK NOTE on system menu bar: 2 easy fixes

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The QUICK NOTE functionality from the Evernote icon on the system menu bar:

  1. please, PLEASE 🙏  make the first line in the pop-up be the title of the new note! You can just COPY the first paragraph or first [n] characters into the subject line...you can even append the date/time at the end so that information isn't lost from the current title scheme of "Note - [date/time]"! Currently you can't even manually set the title of the note from the pop-up....you have to go find the note after creating it, and manually copy info to the title field! 😳 
  2. please given keyboard shortcut for "Convert to note"....silly to have to use the mouse 😊 
  3. [bonus: ideally let us change keyboard shortcut to activate the pop up as well :)]

Thank you for listening!

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