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NEEDED : Place to add Notebooks AUTOMATICALLY



I would like to be able to create a new notebook without having first to SEARCH for the non-existent notebook, and then be prompted by the web clipper to create one. 

Please include a "+" symbol where I can fist click on creating a new notebook so that I don't have to go through the many extra steps to do so. 


Many thanks

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This request of adding more and more notebooks makes me think, you probably do not use EN to its full potential.

The logic of EN is based on tags, not on notebooks. The number of notebooks is restricted to 1.000 (250 for Basic). Tags are practically unlimited. This is because it is efficient to use few notebooks and many tags to structure information in EN.

The standard procedure is to send new content to either a standard notebook, or have a relatively small selection of them. It works better to organize notes by only a few notebooks, and do the main logical organization by tagging. The notebook structure is pretty static, whereas the tags are „living“. If I use a note for different purposes, I can apply a number of tags, like receipt, tax, warranty, device type and year to an invoice. This is impossible to do with notebooks (or it leads to a lot of duplicates).

So maybe review how you structure information when clipping, and in other cases.

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another point: notebooks can be shared to others - so if you have many Notes to be shared with others, just put them into a notebook and share it - sharing is one of the most important features of notebooks, not organizing your notes (at least in the Evernote universum)

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