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Scratch pad as separate window



I really like the new Scratch pad in the latest release. I often find a need to jot something down quickly (for example when someone calls me and I need to quickly take some notes.) However I don't want to have the whole Evernote home screen taking up room on my desktop most of the time. If you could make a double-click on the scratchpad open a new window that I could leave in a corner of my screen, that would be perfect. My preference would be a very minimalist (e.g borderless) window that could be left in a corner, but still had the button to create a note from the typed text as it is now. Basically would like to be able to resize, move, clear and create note, but that's about it. Perhaps allow multiple instances to be created to allow a sticky-note style note taking experience.

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I also like having a floating scratch pad in front of all windows... but with opacity control. When the scratch pad is not active, the opacity automatically shifts to something low, like 20% so that it's position can be seen on my desktop monitor, but see through enough that the underlying app/window is still visible. Then when I mouse over the scratch pad window, or start typing in it,  the opacity goes back to 100%.

Also, I would like to be able to create multiple (tabbed) scratch pad notes. I am constantly jotting down quick notes/tasks/reminders (on scratch paper) throughout my day, that I don't want to give much thought to in the moment. I then come back to my list of scratch notes later in the day (or next day), when I have time to process them more thoroughly.

And please remove the text amount limit.

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