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Search working only with old notes on all my devices (ios, mac, web)

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V10 search is server based. Make sure your notes are synced - you can open the web client to see whether they are on the server.

When it comes to OCR content (pdf, pictures, handwriting) the server needs to run the job before you can search. It depends on the queue it needs to process - in my experience it is sometimes a few minutes, sometimes it can take some hours. It should be searchable and found the next day in any case.

Then there is a problem with v10: Search will not find content in notebooks shared to you by others. I have run several support tickets on this bug - support only yesterday confirmed they are still working on it. I have found a workaround by accident, but it probably is only feasible for a small group of users.

If all this is not working for you, issue a support ticket. Answering time for me was back to less than 24hrs now.

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