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Please bring fill feature back



I have been a heavy user of Skitch since this was still a beta program way back when. I work in the film business and Skitch is an invaluable tool. It's a shame it isn't used by as many people who used to use it. The quick ability to do screen grabs and make beautiful detailed explanations and directions on the fly has been an amazing tool for the film industry. But less and less people use it now and instead opt to use larger more complicated programs because of the slow stripping away of the tools.


I don't think you are aware of how this program has been used in Movies, TV and film commercials. I use it to do screen grabs of google maps and make incredibly detailed directions and explanations to have Department heads, city, state and county agencies understand what our impact is going to be. Art dept's use it to make detailed schematics for the team to implement. Transportation to show parking proposals, Stunt Dept's and special effects Dept's to explain there needs and what to expect.

I have spread the gospel far and wide for this program. Also, I have seen it used it by so many other types of businesses just from how impressed they were by how quickly and beautifully I can whip these up. But slowly over the years they have stopped using it as it gets less and less.


Have you ever considered making a pro version? I would gladly pay to have some of the features returned for me to use.





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