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Evernote for OSX Multiple Bugs - v10.4.4 build 458403 public

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I am an Evernote Premium user since the service was initially offered. I need to note that this is most unusable version of Evernote ever released. It is buggy and core features were removed. I am not certain how this passed QA or UAT. There are changes that deprecated core functionality, as well as an equal amount of bugs that result in needing to restart Evernote multiple times a day. I use Evernote on 3 computers - MacBook 13, MacBook 15, and an iMac - as well as my iPhone - the issues manifest on every platform, but mostly Evernote Desktop App. I rely on Evernote so I can start work immediately. Having to deal with this faulty app is preventing my work and my overall throughput. Happy to detail these issues further or demonstrate as needed. The following is a list of items.

Thanks ~ Joe


v 10.4.4 build 458403 public
Editor: v112.1.14477
Service: v1.23.6
© 2019 - 2021 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved


1. Feature Request - Searching for a note should:

- take you to the note... it does.
- highlight the notebook where the note resides... it does not.

2. Bug - I receive an email from Evernote: "You have a Chat in Evernote email"
- Click on link
- Continue with Desktop App
- Error Note "Safari can't open the Specified Address"

3. Feature Request - Notebook sharing... is not possible from the Left Rail. It should be. You can 'right click' on a note and get all the Evernote options. But not for Notebooks. ???

4. Bug - Evernote Blank Screen - OSX, multiple computers. Need to open/close Evernote as opposed to 'Refresh' in DT app b/c of blank screen.

5. Bug - Select Multiple Notes. Drag and Drop into new Folder. Only 'Last Selected' note moves.

6. Feature Request: Pathbars for Notes that includes both Stacks and Notebook in the pathway.
7. Bug - Evernote Styles/Formats Not Loaded - Need to open/close Everynote as opposed to 'Refresh' in DT app b/c of non-loaded styles.

8. Feature Request - Feature Reinstatement - There is a limit to only select 50 notes for backup at a given time. I need to back up my Evernote. There are over 3000 items, This is not an acceptable workflow for backups.

9. Bug - Fonts - This has always been a bug where multiple fonts and styles persist in notes across platforms despite setting the format specifically within the note itself.


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