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Sections within Notebooks



I love Evernote, but one feature that I feel is missing, and would I feel would be extremely popular as I have heard YouTubers like Thomas Frank also requesting, would be the ability for Notebooks to house "Sections," in addition to notes! I actually have to use One Note when I take notes on books specifically because Evernote lacks this feature. Stacks, Notebooks, Notes is just not enough. Here is how I see this breakdown, your Stack is your "Subject'" your Notebook is your "Book" within that subject, and then your "Section" would be the Chapters within the book. There are so many potential benifits to having Sections within Notebooks, please consider it. 

Also, in the tab to the right of a Notebook, at the top below Notes you could have your Sections button to click and to the right of Sections you could have something like Tags, which would show all the tags used in the notes within that notebook. 


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I agree. Sections within a notebook would be very helpful.q

I've also asked a long time ago for a collapsable outliner feature similar to Omni-Outliner. 

I have been flirting with Microsoft One Note. Sections are supported there and It's quite useful.

I'd also add a revamp of the boring and unchanging Evernote UI would be nice. I like how Microsoft One Note shows notebook sections as colorful tabs, like a paper notebook. Evernote's UI is a bit depressing to work in. The color tabs in One Note help the human.

I still like evernote best, but I wish it were not so black and grey boring to work in, and sections would be nice. Think about some color UI Evernote.

Look at ugh microsoft One Note UI for Inspiration? Yech I can't believe i wrote that.


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