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Evernote constantly steals focus to show me I'm up to date?

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I was a beta test but don't recall seeing this bug in the betas.

For some time now, Evernote will randomly but frequently steal the focus from whatever program I'm using, switching back to the Evernote app, where it then shows me a window telling me I'm all up to date. This is infuriating. I figured it was such an obvious bug that it would be fixed in short order, but it's been this way for a long time now.

Here's the window that's popping up on top of Evernote. Sure would be nice if this would stop popping up or only open after an update when I switch to the app.


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Interesting, as the window also says "You're up to date!" So, I kinda figured I was... you know, up to date. Didn't think to look for a new version. I'll report back if the new version doesn't fix it.

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