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"Revoke All" for Applications and Devices



The ability to revoke all applications and devices at once.  Currently you have to revoke per item.   It appears i had a bot access my account on Nov 11 with pages and pages of entries.   A feature to revoke access of all devices and applications should be a standard feature.  

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How many devices do you have ?

And how often do you revoke ?

But it needs to be a one-click-stop for this ???

Better make sure your account is safe - if accessed once, it can be accessed again, unless you take action. Strong, unique password should do, plus 2FA.

Practically changing password already does the job to revoke all devices, because those without the new PW won't enter any longer.

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Great questions - I have devices attached that are manageable to revoke individually if and when i need.    The issue is that a bot got into my account before i enabled 2FA.  It generated hundreds of device and application entries.    

I have 2FA enabled now.

If this is a unique situation, an alternative to a feature would be the ability to submit a ticket to get it revoked on the back-end.

I've started to revoke one at a time but spending a lot of time and making not progress.

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