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After having Evernote for more than a year and then found onenote, I tried to transfer data across, then found that a site I captured through web clipper, did no longer exist.


So I deleted my account, and until recently tried to gain access to that account.


I had 2 factor set up, to have more security from people getting my notes.


Tried a few times to gain access to account via reenlisting account, but still need the factor authentication. But to no avail, I am stumped as I no longer kept that data on my phone.


I will in future keep it.

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Well the general idea of having 2FA is nobody can access your account without the second factor. Seems it works ...

First you may have forgotten, but usually you get a set of emergency keys in case the dynamic 2FA does not work any longer. Maybe you printed them, or stored them somewhere. Try to remember !

Second you could try to issue a support ticket. I am not sure of this, but maybe they can reset the 2FA for you.

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