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How to use handwriting detection feature?

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First this will decently work on the mobile clients, not really on the desktops, if you want to write something into a note. IMHO it works best with an iPad and Apple Pencil.

You select the „sketch“ feature to open an area where pencil input will be recorded. You simply write in there, then you close the note, which will save the content, and sync it to the server. 

The handwritten text will then be OCRed on the server, which may take a little while (often just some minutes, if there is a lot of new content a few hours). After the server has performed the miracle, the handwritten text is searchable, inside of EN.

Why do I use this rarely ? Because IMHO there are better tools. I use GoodNotes 5 for handwriting, out of many reasons. One is that it will smoothen the raw handwriting, making it neater and better to read. Second because the OCR done by GN5 will be transferred to a pdf when I export my notes, which makes the handwriting searchable everywhere. With EN, once you export the handwriting, the OCR will stop working.

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