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(Web Client) Cursor jumps to top of Note while typing

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Well, it doesn’t seem to be a problem when I’m using Evernote on the web.  I was able to key away to my heart’s content.  I don’t like having to use the web-based version though.  Hmmm…

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1 hour ago, dbox said:

Had been enjoying Evernote, but this has to be a most frustrating glitch.  Is there a way to, at least, decrease the frequency of the refresh / update?  I don’t know enough. All I want to do is write my notes, I don’t want to become an investigative engineer.

Just issue a support ticket, let the devs do the engineering.

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I have a similar issue now for a few days on both Opera and Vivaldi (for Android, on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7).

What happens is:

Auto saves -> line break is inserted without tying anything -> cursor jumps to top -> page scrolls down

Seems to only happen if the text content is higher than the display area.

Writing a note is completely impossible. It's a shame because I like the web client better than the android version. Syncs faster. Please fix ❤️

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