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Useless up0date for Windows !

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So, we get a useless update with Evernote Home !

You have been promising us the watched folder import availability back for months - it's far more important to some of us than this waste of time !

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Echoing original post, the Evernote Windows "update" made Evernote useless to me.  Without watched folder import Evernote became a useless but prettier program.

How can we downgrade back to a working version?

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Since you don’t pay neither for the one nor the other, I think you have to take what you get. If tomorrow the screen goes pink, say „thank you“ and hope for better days.

Personally I run legacy for the import (and other stuff) and v10 for the home feature and other nice new stuff. But of course this is maybe no option if restricted to 2 active clients. So I would say, go for legacy and get the job done, plus maybe a mobile device, and leave home for others that are more positive about it.

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