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Significant but easily-fixed bugs with Search bar

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Clearing the search bar (even hitting Enter afterward) does NOT clear the search filter in the notes list. So to get back to viewing all notes, you have to click "All Notes" again. This is extremely frustrating for those of us with many "Shortcuts", since the "All Notes" button is below the shortcuts [it really should be ABOVE the shortcuts, as a number of us have pointed out ;) ]. Also, since the keyboard shortcut to search doesn't select all text in the search bar (as happens with all other apps across multiple platforms!), there is an additional step (pressing Cmd+A) needed before clearing the text :P 

So, please:

  • have the search criteria clear if we delete the text in the search bar
  • have all text in search field be selected when we use the keyboard shortcut and it receives the focus
  • put "All Notes" above "Shortcuts"

Thank you! :)


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