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The scroll function on the right side of the note body needs to be improved

Peter Olins
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1. The note scroll bar is very faint (even for people with good eyesight), and doesn’t conform to typical mac format (for example, the scroll bar for the note list).

2.. The scroll bar is too narrow.

3. The scroll bar should change to a darker color when the cursor hovers over it, showing that the bar can be active when clicked.

4. The cursor arrow is unusually small, making selection of the bar very tricky, and typically causing the cursor to switch to changing the width of the window (not every user has perfect dexterity).




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I use the Windows desktop version.  I would like to have up/down arrows on the scroll bars, especially on the vertical scroll bar for notes.  Once a note gets reasonably long the "grab/active area" (not sure what the right term is) becomes very small and hard to grab and slide in a controlled manner.

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