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(Archived) Still can't send image from Blackberry

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This has been an ongoing problem: I take picture with my Blackberry curve and email to Evernote. The picture doesn't show up, and I get a return email with an error message. If I include text, along with the picture, the text shows up, but not the picture.

Just to confirm: I am supposed to be able to do this, right?

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I ended up setting up a filter in gmail to forward (and mark as read, archive, and label as "evernote") any email sent from my blackberry (using my BB email address) to Evernote.

Should be totally unnecessary, but it actually works pretty well.

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I have a blackberry pearl and e-mailing to evernote has pictures show up fine. I don't use any kind of exchange server though, I just use a gmail IMAP account and T-mobile. Works fine.

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Yes, it works as long as the Blackberry (and its server) sends standard Internet mail with normal attachments, but you'll have trouble if you go through an Exchange server that is misconfigured to send proprietary internal Microsoft mail format messages (MS-TNEF).

Unfortunately, it looks like the fix is on the MS Exchange server, not on your Blackberry:

http://blackberryforums.pinstack.com/sh ... hp?t=54235


At some point, we may try to address this on our side by adding custom code to handle the proprietary Microsoft format, but this won't happen soon.

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I don't remember which kind soul suggested this, but... I found that using an intermediate ("middleman") account does the trick.

I use myname+evernote@gmail.com on my phone as my "evernote" address, then on gmail I created a filter rule to forward mail sent to that address to my actual evernote e-mail. Works like a charm :-)


I'm an idiot. That kind soul I mentioned is roofone, who posted the trick higher up in the thread. Just missed it when I re-skimmed. Apologies!

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Let us know how well Shozu -> Evernote works on your Blackberry.

It works, but after playing with it a bit, I've decided it's not a good choice for using with Evernote from my Blackberry:

1) The one click send doesn't work after you take a picture (or video) so I have to switch to the ShoZu app, find my picture, and then send it (and I can send in just two clicks from my BB right after taking the picture).

2) I don't see an auto-send option, so presume that doesn't work on the BB.

3) The interface is slower and harder to use than the native BB media application.

4) It doesn't offer any advantages over just emailing it (via my gmail middleman).

5) And, it sticks a timestamp in the body of the note I don't need.

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