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Create New Note Without Evernote and Note Opening Automatically



With this new version of Evernote anytime I drag a file to the Evernote icon, not only does Evernote open and take over my screen, but then the note it created opens on top of that. When I am dragging and dropping multiple files into Evernote and have to stop after each one to close the note and then minimize Evernote itself, this is completely counterproductive and slows my productivity immensely. If I remember correctly in older version this was a setting you could disable? Regardless, now it is making completely updates so much more time consuming. Has anyone heard of a way to stop this from happening in the new version?

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Well I'm Win/Android so that will limit the help I can give you, but here goes:

  • I have to imagine there are ways to solve this using AppleScript or Automator(?). But, it isn't clear to me when AppleScript or similar will work with EN v. 10 so I'm going to ping @DTLow and @JMichaelTXwho know more than I do on this. So does PinkElephant, for that matter, but he's already commented.
  • Instead of dropping the file on the EN icon, you could drop it into an Import Folder...if/when EN 10 delivers the promised support for those. You might want to follow posts like https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/132429-import-folder/ or search the forums for 'import folder'.
  • Your email client might have a way of creating an icon that could automate the process of emailing a file to your Evernote address. This is the only method I can think of right now that wouldn't require you to revert to the legacy Evernote client.
  • There may be other ways?

Good luck!

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No scripting for v10, on iOS no shortcuts either. At least my collection of EN pre-v10-shortcuts stopped working when I was force-upgraded on iOS.

There is nothing official from EN about this (at least AFAIK), but I doubt scripting will return. The reason is that when I did a research on Electron apps a while ago, I did not find a single one that published anything that involved scripting. So probably the framework does not support it - at least for now.

In general my impression is that v10 was not developed with a „power user profile“ in mind. No more than 10.000 notes in a notebook supported, no scripting, less integration, weaker scanning etc. Maybe they will deliver functions later that are relevant to only a small percentage of users, or they will skip them altogether. I am waiting if EN makes a clear statement one day that all features of prior versions that have not been transferred yet will be discontinued. Currently legacy is carrying my use cases - v10 still won’t, even with 10.6.9.

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On 1/18/2021 at 5:52 PM, JMBTX said:

@John in Michigan USABasically I have files/photo/etc in folders or on the desktop that I need to quickly throw into EN (Mac OS), normally I would drag and drop and go on. Now it opens EN then opens the note it created. Kills the productivity. I'd love to hear you ideas!

Go back to the legacy version and add your files there. 

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I appreciate the insights but having to build another processes/API or go through IFTTT really defeats the a lot of the purpose and simplicity of working with Evernote (and paying for it). Seems like the removed a lot of the preferences and settings in this update without fixing many of the bugs. 

Sorry for being dense, but how would I rollback to the older version?

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