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Tremendously saddened by the removal of key shortcuts in the latest Evernote Mac version

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I've been a paying Evernote customer for about 10 years, and the function I used the most often on a daily basis has been "jump to note". In Mac, it's the shortcut "cmd + J" (I can pull up a note matching a keyword in 2 seconds end-to-end), secondary to the "search" shortcut ("ctrl + cmd + E"). I use them at least 10+ times every day.
I just got a new MacBook so I installed the latest Evernote version. These 2 shortcuts no longer work. I searched the internet and found in the help page for shortcuts that these 2 were no longer supported in the new version.
It was a tremendously sad news.
I've been a diehard Evernote fan for 10 years, and this is a sign that this company is going downhill. It is betraying its customers by taking away vital functions like this without even bothering to give a reason. There should be no valid reasons for this change. I'm a programmer myself, I know how easy it is to support shortcuts like this, especially given that other ones are supported, and that they were supported before. It was the stupidest thing I've ever seen this company do.
I'm extremely disappointed in the Evernote company.
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