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To-dos (items with checkboxes) created on Mac display and behave differently in iOS.

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I created a note full of "to-dos" on my Mac. Later, when I went to modify that note on my iPhone, I discovered that:

  • The checkboxes are displayed differently on the two platforms.
  • Furthermore, when I went to add one item to the list on iOS, an entire group of adjacent to-dos changed their formatting: They indented and changed color. Yet, other to-dos in the same note remained unchanged:



Horrified, I opened the note on my Mac, only to discover that there, the strangely modified group of to-dos now inexplicably had bullets added in front of them—before the checkboxes:



This is truly unbelievable. Bugs abound.

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Welcome to the club, this new and intended behavior has already been detected and discussed in several other images.

I would suggest to read in theses issues why there are these two alternatives  and which pros and cons have already been discussed.

A simple search for checkbox an/or checklist might help...

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