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Ability to embed files and notes within notes

Rajesh Gaire


I am a new user of Evernote but don't let that fool you for less experience. I have had a delve into the history of Evernote and now the upcoming future of Evernote. I have noticed something. Ian you always say in every interview and blog that you are trying to get Evernote right for the current users, so in essence you are trying to make Evernote better at what it already does. Well, Ian(even though you may never read this) I have an idea for you that could help advanced this new Evernote for existing users in ways that you may not have thought of. To be concise:

The request is that you should be able to embed files and other notes into notes them selves. I know (and understand) that you are able to attach them but this will take that further and implementing windows in notes where I can display other files and notes will be a great idea to further  enhance Evernote for what it does and what it will be able to do. This kind of works like how you can view pdf's now but the functionality should be opened for all files.

a case example:

I have a spreadsheet. I embed it into a note, now I can edit it from the note. So in essence i have spreadsheet functionality within a note! 

Why this may help you?

Well I feel that Evernote is getting better and into better road where they are listening to the users more than before and in implementing this i see no loss. This opens up a large possibility for all users of Evernote from those 1% to the 10% and to the 89%. I don't know if this is a original idea or not so forgive me if someone had already though of this.

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