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Automatic generation of Table of Conents



Why didn't you include the automatic generation of Table of Contents button when we highlight a group of Notes.  I either have to keep using the Legacy version until you wake up and fix this or do it manually in the new version 10.6.9.   How can you be complacent with losing functionality in migrating to the new version 10??   Please get this feature back in there or explain to us why you can't.

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It's awhile since I saw thye ToC issue in these forums.  It was discussed at length in the Beta phase and as I recall the conclusion was that the new approach was, overall, more flexible than the predetermined ToC available in the legacy version.

I have no personal opinion since I use TsoCs infrequently.

In legacy you presumably highlight the notes you wish to include and then clcik the create a ToC note button which generates the new note.  However, the Contents are in a fixed order regardless of the order of selection of the notes.

In version 10 you also highlight the notes to be selected. Copy the internal links for the notes (Alt+Ctrl+L) and then paste them into a new note. The bonus/difference is that the ToC is ordered in the same way as you selected them.

I think what you are requesting is a button in the blue menu which does the Alt+Ctrl+L thing and then pastes into a new note. That doesn't sound like such a bad suggestion but, for now, you gain a small functional gain alongside the loss of the ToC button.  The Beta testers didn't consider that a terrible trade off, as I recall.

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Completely support what @agsteelesays. The extra trick is to paste the links into a numbered or bulleted list. This allows you to then drag the links around to order them how you like. You can do this immediately or later. In addition rather than have to create a new TOC if you want to add a number of notes you can just paste them in to the list and then reorder at will if you want to. I love the flexibility and find it very useful for TOCs and more complex dashboards.

None of this precludes having a simple TOC function as well but I'm not sure it is really necessary.

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