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MacOS End Key/Home Key start/end of document not start/end of line

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Have been using evernote for years and have a paid subscription (although just found out support seems to have removed despite my middle tier subscription).

I have noticed (not sure if it has changed recently) on a MacBook Pro with external full sized keyboard the home/end keys go to start and end of document, not start/end of line as is the case with every other editor I can recall. Is there a way to disable this "feature" and make it like a "normal" editor?


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Hi.  I'm not a Mac user and haven't upgraded to the latest version of Evernote (10.x), so can't comment on whether this is a bug or a feature,  but if you are on the latest version now,  it may help to install the Legacy (old) version,  which runs alongside the new app but retains all the original functionality.


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I too would like the behavior of the Home/End keys to be configurable. I've never understood or liked Apple's view that Home and End should go to the begging and end of a document. It is far more common to want to go to the beginning or end of a line.

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