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Mac Evernote Legacy Version 7.14.1 - not saving edits to notes

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I have now lost edits to Notes twice with the same note and what I think are edits to other notes today. Tried searching for known issues or fixes. 

I made edits to one note last night in prep for leading a meeting this morning. Left my Mac (Catalina 10.15.7) on all night and left Evernote app open. This morning the edits were still there. I tried to cut/paste to rearrange some text and the paste wouldn't work -- I CMD-Z to undo the pastes. At this point, the edits were still in the note. I shutdown the app and restarted the app. The edits were no longer in the note... Now 10 minutes prior to the meeting, I'm scrambling to recall the info to get ready for the meeting... Made more edits...

Have made edits to other notes throughout the day (2-3 other notes, I think)... now when I go back to Evernote the edits aren't there. I have NOT shutdown the app during the day today. That note from the morning has lost the edits again. 

Using Evernote Legacy app. And I'm now on a Evernote Basic plan (after many years on Premium). Loosing 2 significant edits in less than 8 hours is very concerning. I've tried reading through the Activity Logs, but nothing stands out to me. 

Any direction for what may be happening and how to resolve it? 

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Make sure you sync changes before you quit working. If you leave the edited note open, chances are it will not sync.

If the Mac goes to sleep because not in use, sync may not happen, all apps close, and your data is lost. Syncing makes sure the local and the server data base is updated.

If you close the app yourself, sync is automatic.

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Thanks. That's Interesting.. i'll see if I can watch the syncing of the notes. The approach I'm doing is the same as what I've done for the last 4-5 years.. I tend to leave Evernote app open for weeks at a time and my laptop doesn't go to sleep often.. but sometimes it does. Today it didn't go to sleep at all from the time between updating notes and realizing that I had lost edits. Honestly, I've don't recall having to 'think' about Syncing with Evernote since I first started using it in 2008. If paying attention to Sync status is something to worry about now, I'll start paying attention to see if that's it. 

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In legacy there is a sync icon. One click, and it syncs (it does autosync as well).

If in the browser, you depend on the Browser to exchange data with the server. Usually leaving a note and return to the main view will do, because it refreshes the window. Depending on the browser / settings it will try to live from the cache, and reduce internet traffic. So the safest way to force everything to safe and sync is to go to the main view, then log out of EN and close the browser tab(s).

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