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(Archived) Sunshine, Bunnies, and Flowers

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I couldn't resist the title! :)

But seriously, what do people really like about the beta so far?

For me, unsurprisingly, it's the easy capture from multiple sources and the 'available everywhere' notes, and the fact that there's lots more room for improvement on what is obviously an actively developed product. Methinks I've very much a member of the target demographic.

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I love the notebooks. They make for a great additional level of organization.

I *adore* the web sync. Even though I use EN mostly in-house I prefer the web sync over the old LAN sync. First, it just works. Second, I love the instant off-site backup I have of my stuff this way.

The last 7 days or so I've started to use EN3 intensely and as my sole capture tool. That stress test has me addicted to the EN3 juice :)

For me things can only get better; ask for this, maybe receive that. But honestly, if they abandon development at this point and what we have is it -- I'll be perfectly happy.

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I'm loving the web client. In some ways I even prefer the interface (I like the thumbnails for some notebooks) over the full client. Twice now I've been away from home and work at a friends house and had to remember to do something when I got home, I just logged on using their laptop and enter my todo item. Pretty cool.

If I had a phone that I could write notes on with a stylus it would be 10 times more useful. I'll be shopping for a new phone soon.


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