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I'm unable to open more than one note at a time

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I seem to remember before the "upgrade" I could open multiple notes at the same time, and "pop" them all out of the dashboard to work on them all at the same time. Now I can't figure out how to do that.

If I click the little icon that enlarges (pops out) the note, that's the only one I'm able to work on. If I want to do something in a second note, it appears I have to collapse that first note before popping out another one.

This is akin to only being able to have one piece of paper on your desk at a time. Surely this can't be how Evernote Business works now, right?? Because that would be just silly. Is anyone else having the same challenge? 


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Thank you! I didn't realize DOUBLE CLICKING a note from the dashboard would create a different result than clicking the "Expand" icon. When you click the expand icon, it REPLACES the dashboard and you can't get back there without shrinking the note again. But when you double click notes on the dashboard, you can indeed pop out multiple notes. THANK YOU AGAIN!!

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