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Hi.  The only links in Evernote are to 1) other notes in the same account 2) web pages,  and 3) installed apps on the local device.  Mobile devices don't have local notes as such - they are downloaded on demand from the server. 

Depending on your Evernote version / OS and device a note link might open in the installed app or in a browser.  I'd suggest you try out the options for web pages and apps to see which you feel is the better way to deal with your use case.

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3 hours ago, CarbonBlack13 said:

I  use EN on the web and on android.  Wondering what the difference is between 'App links' and 'Web links'.  And which is more convenient to use on android.

From what I have seen, the difference is how the link to the EN note is built, what protocol it uses. It’s how/where you want the link to open, not about what device your are on. The “App Link” uses the internal “evernote://“ link address protocol and the “Web Link” uses the standard web “http://“ link address protocol. So, for example, when I want to link one internal note to another internal note and have the link open up inside the EN app when I click on it, I use the AppLink option. When I want to have the link open up in an external web browser page, I would use the Web Link option. I should note that I have only used the App Link option under v10 for my purposes.

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