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Missing many PDF attachments in premium version after changing to new version

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Recently I noticed that in many of my notes the PDF attachments disappeared. Not in all but in quite a lot. Luckily I could found these documents still in the legacy version. is this a conflict between the two versions? I do not want to test it and get rid of the legacy version as it works as my backup.

After complaining to EN support that the search over all notebooks does not work – and their answer (today) that this problem is intentionally as they did not include this feature in the new version anymore – another big failure of the new version. Hopefully this is not intended and they will find the problem very soon. I have reported this issue today.

Are there other users experiencing the same problem? 

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All my previous PDF attachments are still present with Mac EN 10.6.9, and new ones can be created after update to this version.

Searching for text in the database correctly pulls up all the notes with the appropriate attachments. However, this apparently only works while online: all the notes are still visible offline, but search will not find them.

I am not clear what EN support was referring to.

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I use Evernote on iOS, Windows and Mac platforms. I keep getting a status message that 6 PDFs are being imported, for about a month 😮.

And on the Mac I get the Evernote Spotlight crash indication, showing there are still existing problems with balky PDFs.

I’m not sure which of my thousand notes is causing these problems, as PDF seem to be one of the more inscrutable features of Evernote.

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I should add that Search of all files is a big reason why I’ve stuck with EN and paid for Premium, but if PDF search isn’t included as a feature any more, EN becomes less valuable.

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