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iOS 13.6.1. Evernote version 10.3. With Evernote since 2011. Premium subscriber - paying 69.99 USD per year. --- What's happening? Atomic, pandemic, extinction, and cancel/delete culture? Should I call The Ghost Busters? I WANT TO SEE MY NOTES on my phone (I need them) -- they are fine on the Mac (High Sierra, Evernote version 7.13). Evernote is losing my subscription, as we speak. No need to answer to this post. I'm done. Thanks.

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Thank you Pink Elephant for trying to get me out of the water. My oxygen is running out. Can't breathe. I have my apps all on autoupdate and today I wanted to look at notes and folders were empty. I deleted the app and downloaded it again to my iPhone. Now it's downloading all notes (I need offline). I set the iPhone Auto Lock to off and will let it sit over night. Compared to the app "Notebooks" by developer Alfons, Evernote is a nightmare because when you need it it won't work. "Notebooks" is different because it relies on Dropbox and just works. The only advantage with Evernote is the ability to share more easily and that they provide a web interface.

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We have cases reported in the forum since long where by accident a wrong user was entered on login. This creates a new account, which of course then is empty. Has nothing to do with v10, it just happens.

Since 10.3 offline content works for me, download with „all notebooks“, search (tried in flight mode), even the updating of the content is really snappy now. Good luck.

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